Monotype Collage Series

About This Series

In my latest collage series, I delve into the dynamic interplay between construction and deconstruction, utilizing gel plate prints as my area for exploration. My process begins with the creation of these prints, a phase that serves as a moment of construction, laying the foundation for what’s to come.

However, these prints are not intended as finished works of art but rather act as a springboard for exploration. The essence of deconstruction takes place when I begin to delve into the act of cutting and dismantling these prints.

But this deconstruction isn’t the endpoint; it’s a pivotal stage in a larger narrative. Through the reconstruction process of collage-making, a interplay emerges—a surprising symphony of elements that were once disparate. This phase of reconstruction is where  unexpected combinations and captivating juxtapositions materialize.

My series is a celebration of the art of discovery. It’s a testament to the beauty found in the unexpected, where each stage—construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction—contributes to the evolution of the work.